Spreading Like Wildfire

"Hey, Ashley, Jack, and Justin. This is Riley. Riley this is Ashley, Jack, and Justin." Courtney said.

Justin: Hey. Oh this is Kyle.

Justin pointed at Kyle as if to introduce him to Riley since his name was not mentioned.

"Thanks," Kyle smiled at Justin. "But Riley and I already know each other." There was no way that Justin could have known that so Kyle and Riley did both appreciated the effort but Kyle also want Justin to know that Courtney wasn't just being rude.

Ashely: Hey Riley. Say hi Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Ashley cuddled with Jack some more since he was cute when he was like this. Jack didn't act as if he knew Riley as he simply gave her a nod when her spoke up. So in the eyes of others he didn't seem interested in other girls as Ashley flirted with him. His grumpy expression made it hard to read him since he rarely smiled and seemed to be obedient for Ashley.

Riley said hi and a nice to meet everyone. She hadn't forgotten about it earlier but didn't want to get into it.

Then Ashley spoke up.

Ashely: Oh yeah, since you girls missed our convo earlier, we are planning in the near future for a fashion make over for the Back to School Dance coming up. Justin and Kyle volunteered their services. Since we still have some singles in the group we can go as a large group so no one feels left out. Since Blossom is new and single I don't want her feeling out of place.

"That sounds like a great idea." Courtney, who had said in the proximity of Matt, said. She hadn't changed her mind, exactly, about saying yes to Matt taking her to the dance but it was more of an option than it had been just a few hours ago. Courtney wasn't paying that much attention to Kyle and Justin; she would catch on eventually but that would be a little later after she started paying more attention. Not that she would care that much much more than to be happy for them.

Riley sat sort of in-between Courtney and Zander not really close enough to Zander to make it seem like anything more than that's just where she sat. She noticed the little things between Kyle and Justin and just bit her lip before sipping her smoothie. Kyle actually missed that so he didn't know Riley had caught on.

Zander was a nerd but he was a social one. He had been around gay people his entire life and so he caught on, though it took him a little longer than his sister but thought it was just what it was. Sam noticed Heath didn't notice so she whispered in his ear and he had to agree. She then included Courtney who clued in Matt. This was all down quietly, with whispers and gestures that to the untrained eye would seem like nothing. April, however, had no idea what was going on. She clearly wasn't oblivious to that lifestyle and obviously would have no issue with Kyle and Justin. She already knew Kyle was gay; she didn't know about Justin. However, for all of her openness she also was a little naive about anything related to dating So, she didn't get the subtle movements Kyle and Justin made towards each other, the little touches, or the things that were said. No, while most of the people had caught on by this point. April hadn't and what was maybe worse was Dawn didn't catch on that April had no clue.


Kaylee had gone back by the skaters. Travis seemed to want to tell her about every trick he had ever done in his life. She liked the boy, as a friend, but he was a little mind-numbing to talk to for long periods of time.

She was eventually pulled away by a group of cheerleaders that wanted to dance as the music had picked up. She was grateful for the break. However, that resulted in few of the football players also dancing with them. All of them attempting to talk with her. She had arrived at the school on Thursday and in that short of time had gotten the attention of a few groups and more than a few of the guys. And while she was outgoing and energetic, it was a little tiring at times, going from group to group.

There was one more group she hadn't spent time with but wanted to She easily spotted them as her brother was there, not too mention she knew everyone else. She did go over there, said hi to everyone and pulled her brother aside to talk to him for a few moments before going back off to the skaters. Before she left though Sam invited her to the makeovers and Kaylee said she'd like that and she'd be there. The skaters started all trying to come up with a plan to get lights at the skate park.

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