A Helping Hand

Kyle had watched the interaction between Ashley and Jack and he had noticed that Jack sometimes just seemed resigned to their relationships but at other times they seemed like a good couple. It was an interesting dynamic and one that would play well in a movie; if he ever made a movie that needed something like that.

Noticing the look on Ashley's face he wondered if she had figured it out already. That would be quick but maybe. He grinned back at her. "Well, Justin and I do make a good pair....you know.....when it comes to helping people with fashion." The pause in the middle of that sentence was clearly indicative of something.

Jack was still feeling grumpy as the others were talking, but found himself unable to complain as Ashley kept feeding him sour ball candies in a loving manner. He knew if he rebelled against her it would end badly for him and if he did it in public he might actually need to pray for a quick death. Ashley scared him to the point of obedience out of fear, but at the same time his body and mind were betraying him as he was getting aroused by her body and when he remembered the naughty things she did and said with him. Sadly since it was his first romantic relationship, poor Jack had no clue how messed up his relationship was with Ashley.

Ashely on the other hand was as happy as a clam as she snuggled with Jack. She found it cute that he was a "Grumpy Gus" as she pampered him with her love and affection. Ironically in her mind this was how to show her many affection since she learned how to treat a guy she liked by watching her parents over the years. When her father was up to no good her mom would put him in his place. So in Ashley's eyes, it was perfectly normal to show her Jack the same level of affection. She had no clue that what she was doing was considered bad in the eyes of others.

Oddly enough though, despite being an odd couple, both Ashley and Jack noticed that Kyle and Justin were acting very chummy now. They had some playful touching and were sitting very close now. Usually guys needs some space when they use the bathroom or sit with a group. Straight guys would rather sit by a female than a guy out of instinct. So when Kyle and Justin were gently bumping elbows it was obvious to both of them that they were close on top of Kyle mentioning he was gay to them earlier and Jack knew Justin was gay before. Jack of course could careless but when Ashley whispered to him in his ear as asked him to confirm he nodded as he chewed on his candy. Ashley was amused but kept it to herself since she figured they would say something when they would become official like JD and Rose.

As Ashley looked at JD and Rose she smiled as she was happy for them. She liked seeing happy couples around her since she could relate to having a special someone in her life as well. Then she looked around and wondered if others would pair off by the time of the dance. She wondered what she would wear to make Jack look at her and drop his jaw to the floor.

Dawn was only a little surprised to see her brother with the group on the blankets. April was next to her. Dawn asked, "Food trucks, then we'll hang out over there with the group."

"Sounds good," April said.

The two didn't take long at the food trucks and arrived at the group around the same time as Courtney and Riley. Courtney knew that Riley knew most people but likely hadn't met everyone. She didn't know about the little run-in Riley had earlier where Jack helped her out.

"Hey, Ashley, Jack, and Justin. This is Riley. Riley this is Ashley, Jack, and Justin." Courtney said.

Justin: Hey. Oh this is Kyle.

Justin pointed at Kyle as if to introduce him to Riley since his name was not mentioned.

Ashely: Hey Riley. Say hi Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Ashley cuddled with Jack some more since he was cute when he was like this. Jack didn't act as if he knew Riley as he simply gave her a nod when her spoke up. So in the eyes of others he didn't seem interested in other girls as Ashley flirted with him. His grumpy expression made it hard to read him since he rarely smiled and seemed to be obedient for Ashley.

Riley said hi and a nice to meet everyone. She hadn't forgotten about it earlier but didn't want to get into it.

Dawn, after few movements from Kyle towards Justin, noticed them and how subtle they were. She grinned slightly to herself which Kyle saw. That made one more and he was pretty certain about Dawn the girl seemed to have a sixth sense about these things.

Then Ashley spoke up.

Ashely: Oh yeah, since you girls missed our convo earlier, we are planning in the near future for a fashion make over for the Back to School Dance coming up. Justin and Kyle volunteered their services. Since we still have some singles in the group we can go as a large group so no one feels left out. Since Blossom is new and single I don't want her feeling out of place.


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