The Gangs Almost All Here

Ashley: No silly it's the Back to School Dance. I caught a look at the school calendar and there is a lot of stuff on it. So you know that means we need to make some time to plan out our dresses. Maybe even a shopping trip? What do you think Justin?

Justin: Sounds like fun. I'm in.

Ashley: Kyle? How about you? I'm sure Justin could use some help right?

Ashley had a naughty smile on her face as if she was up to something.

Ashley: I'm sure my Jack could use some fashion pointers.

Kyle had watched the interaction between Ashley and Jack and he had noticed that Jack sometimes just seemed resigned to their relationships but at other times they seemed like a good couple. It was an interesting dynamic and one that would play well in a movie; if he ever made a movie that needed something like that.

Noticing the look on Ashley's face he wondered if she had figured it out already. That would be quick but maybe. He grinned back at her. "Well, Justin and I do make a good know.....when it comes to helping people with fashion." The pause in the middle of that sentence was clearly indicative of something.

Rose was too enamored in the moment of being in a new relationship with JD to notice much of anything. Matt, Heath, and Zander had gotten up to get snacks and drinks for anyone that wanted some so they weren't there to noticed the comment but Sam was another story.

Sam had noticed something between the two boys when they had first gotten back and she had seen the hand movements between them. Then came Kyle's response. She watched as Kyle did a few more things like "accidentally" touching Justin's back or a simple look one would give the other. A slight smile crossed her face "The dance should be fun. I think another shopping trip is a great idea." She continued. "It's usually interesting to see who shows up with who to the dance."

Kyle was trying to figure out who was catching on and who wasn't. He did realize some might not bother enough to pay attention. He saw the look on Sam's face and realized she might have figured it out as well.

Sam saw Kyle noticing her and she then saw him ever so slightly nudge Justin, as if it was an accident. At this point, she tapped Rose's shoulder and said something quietly to her at which point Rose glanced around, to not seem obvious, and then at Kyle and Justin and bit her lip. Kyle noticed that as well. 'Well, that makes three." He thought to himself.

(After the SLC)

Riley and Courtney were walking back from the SLC. Courtney noticed Melissa with the cheerleaders and she seemed alright so Courtney figured Doug was probably still playing poker.

Both of them noticed the group on the blankets. By this point, Matt, Zander, and Heath had come back with drinks and snacks.

Riley then said; "You going over there?"

Courtney nodded. "After I get something from the food trucks. What are you going to do?"

Riley paused for a moment and looked around. "Well, I was actually thinking about hanging out over there as well."

It wasn't surprising that Riley said that, after all, she was friends with Courtney and Conner and most of the other people over there. It wasn't just that but that Riley tried to split her time between her friends and she hadn't spent as much time with them as she would have liked.

Dawn, April, and Kaylee had spotted Riley and Courtney talking and went over to them. But Kaylee didn't get very far when Travis Meyer approached her. Travis was an excellent skateboarder and a nice guy but he was a little lacking in other departments. Such as not always making the best decisions.

"Hey, Kaylee," Travis said. "Are you coming back to hang out with us? A group of us were talking about heading back to the skate park."

"Now?" Kaylee asked.

"Yup," Travis said. "It'll be totally great. And yah, know, not off school property....technically,, no trouble." Meaning he thought they couldn't get in trouble with the school.

Kaylee looked at him quizzically. "There aren't any lights at the skate park."

"Yeah, but it'll be so know just you and the board, going by feel, man. So...epic."

Now, Kaylee was a little daredevil which might mean that people would think she would jump at the opportunity to do something that crazy but she also wasn't stupid. Her daredevil stuff was usually things she knew how to do like stand on Conner's shoulders or stuff that had an element of safety to it as well as danger. Like when she went paragliding and got a professional instructor and made sure all the safety precautions had been made. This seemed just a little crazy, even for her. And while Matt was fine and never said much about what she normally did; this would be something that he would definitely say something about.

After a 1/2 second, Kaylee spoke up again. "Ummm....I kind of don't want to break my arm tonight, so no, but thanks."

"I thought you were a wild one. Man...guess not." Travis sounded actually upset by this revelation.

"There is a difference between being a bit wild and just not thinking. No offense. Look why can't we just all go tomorrow. You said you had that new trick you wanted to teach me. You can't do that if you get hurt tonight." There was an ever so slight chance he might listen to reason. If not him maybe the others that were going. "Who else is going?"

"Umm..." Travis looked down and kicked the sand. "I've ...sort of...not gotten anyone else to say, yes. I thought if I got you to go, other people would."

Kaylee hadn't known Travis long but he wasn't a hard guy to figure out and that sounded so much like a Travis plan that she couldn't help but stifle a laugh. "And you didn't think when, everyone else turned you down, that this might be a bad idea?"

"Well..." Travis looked like he was thinking really hard on that one.

Kaylee shook her head. "How about if we go hang out with the group. Maybe, we can get the school to put in lights at the skate park for the next beach trip."

Travis seemed to be a little bewildered and defeated all at once.

Kaylee smiled at him. "I could use a drink. How about you? I'm buying."

That got Travis to perk up and little and he said. "Sure." About two minutes of them walking to the trucks, a light bulb seemed to go off. "Hey, wait the food trucks are free."

Kaylee laughed. "You, Travis, are one of the most interesting people I've met here."

The two proceeded to the food trucks.

Dawn was only a little surprised to see her brother with the group on the blankets. April was next to her. Dawn asked, "Food trucks, then we'll hang out over there with the group."

"Sounds good," April said.

The two didn't take long at the food trucks and arrived at the group around the same time as Courtney and Riley. Courtney knew that Riley knew most people but likely hadn't met everyone. She didn't know about the little run-in Riley had earlier where Jack helped her out.

"Hey, Ashley, Jack, and Justin. This is Riley. Riley this is Ashley, Jack, and Justin." Courtney said.

Riley said hi and a nice to meet everyone. She hadn't forgotten about it earlier but didn't want to get into it.

Dawn, after few movements from Kyle towards Justin, noticed them and how subtle they were. She grinned slightly to herself which Kyle saw. That made one more and he was pretty certain about Dawn the girl seemed to have a sixth sense about these things.

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