The More The Merrier

Justin: Sweet. Count me in. I am always up for shopping. So who else did you want to invite?

Heath nodded when Justin agreed. "Well, you can invite Jack but I wasn't sure if it was something he'd go to. As for the nerds, what I thought was, Dawn whose the redhead over there" Heath motioned towards Dawn who was the only red head sitting in that part of the table. "Her brother is Zander who is one of the nerds. She said that they are all in one of the club rooms, right now, playing D&D. Maybe, a few of us could go in there and let them know about it. See who's interested."

It might turn out none of the nerds wanted to go. Really, the gesture was meant to be nice not to criticize the nerds or their fashion sense.

Justin smirked at Heath as he heard his plan.

Justin: So you want to support them and help them fit in a bit huh? Sure I am always up for a make over challenge.


Ashley: Oh yeah, I was a little concerned about our trip to the mall for Blossom's swimsuit after I saw you and Rose not at the cafeteria for dinner. Are we still on for that? Oh and are we adding any other girls?

Sam nodded. "Yes, We're still planning on coming shopping. Rose should be better tomorrow. When did you want to go?" An actual day hadn't been discussed just before Friday because that was when the beach trip happened.

As for adding other girls, Sam thought for a moment. "I was thinking maybe we could invite Courtney and Dawn." At that moment Sam noticed Melissa who she didn't know that well but had been introduced to wander out with Doug but she didn't say anything. "I'll see if Dawn or Courtney want to invite anyone else." With that, she pulled out her phone and texted both girls she had just messaged. Her cell went off in a matter of moments. "Ok, they both want to come. Dawn wants to bring April and Melissa. Courtney said she wants to invite Jocelyn."

Sam then added. "April is one of the nerd girls. She's new here. Do you know Melissa, already? I think she's a cheerleader." Melissa was also new but she knew Ashley and 'Blossom were also cheerleaders.

Ashley and Blossom put their hands gently on their chins as they tried to remember Melissa. They were new to the school as freshmen and were still learning everyone's name. Then Blossom spoke up.

Blossom: I think she is the pretty blonde girl.

Ashley: Oh yeah you are right. Sorry Sam we are still learning everyone's name, but its kind of hard when we don't talk to each other much. Not all of the cheer squads hang out as one group as you saw at lunch.

Blossom: Why is that?

Ashley: I heard it used to be a thing but after a while many of the squad members got tired of pretending to be friends with everyone. So now they hang out with people they like instead.

Blossom: Oh well that makes sense I guess. Our school is a lot smaller in Map Dot, Montana so we still hang out as a group.

Ashley: Well big city schools are much more different these days.

Ashley looked back at Sam and smiled.

Ashley: Sorry Sam I got side tracked again. As for you inviting others, I say the more the merrier. If this continues our little circle of friends may need two lunch tables.


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