Justin: So you want to support them and help them fit in a bit huh? Sure I am always up for a make over challenge.

Heath nodded. "Yeah, that's pretty much the idea."

Heath then waved over Dawn who got up from her seat and moved closer to Heath, sitting back down near him and Justin. Heath said to her. "Could you text Zander and ask him to let you know when they have a break? We are planning our own guys' shopping trip and wanted to invite the nerds."

"Sure." Then as requested Dawn texted her twin. She felt her phone vibrate and looked back down. "He said that they should be taking a break in another 5 minutes or so but will let me know."

Justin: Well then it looks like our little excursion is going to become a bit more eventful. I'll text Jack real quick since he is looking a bit gloomy and doomy.

Justin then pulled out his phone and ironically texted Jack who was a mere ten feet away. Of course it did look bad that this generation resorted to communicating via electronically rather than in person, but Justin did this on purpose since he wanted Jack to feel no pressure as he asked him privately.

Hey Jack its Justin. Heath is setting up a guys night out to buy swimsuits for the nerds. It would be a nice opportunity to get out of the school for a while and see the mall. Let me know your answer before go in a few days.


Jack was bored out of his gourd as he quietly tried to ignore the girls going on about swimsuit shopping. To be honest he would rather be alone in his room sleeping or even doing homework. Then he got Justin's text and checked his phone. Ironically he was glad for the distraction as he read the text. Though he was glad for the invite he was torn since he wanted some alone time away from Ashley and at the same time he felt obligated to support Justin since received help from him. After a deep sigh he replied to Justin.

Yeah sure.

Justine smirked as he saw the reply and looked at Heath with a smirk and nod as he spoke up.

Justin: Well Jack is in so we just need to hear from your friends.


Ashley looked back at Sam and smiled.

Ashley: Sorry Sam I got side tracked again. As for you inviting others, I say the more the merrier. If this continues our little circle of friends may need two lunch tables.

Sam smiled at Ashley's comment about the two tables. "We just might at that." She paused. "The gymnastics team doesn't all hang out with each other either, I think that's pretty common."

Sam spotted someone eyeing, she sighed a little fed up at the moment of the rich kids suddenly thinking the ice cream social should be let's knock down the scholarship kids because of Lance. She spotted Heath and wanted to make her way back over to him. "Well, I need to talk to a few more people. The shopping trip should be fun. I'll see you both later."

With that she got up from the table and started walking over to the table with Heath when she was stopped by JD.

Ashley and blossom said goodbye to to Sam as she left and turned to see Jack looking at his phone.

Ashley: Jack we are at an ice cream social. Please try talking to some without using your phone.

Jack was annoyed as he put his phone up in his pocket.

Jack: Its not that.

Ashley: Meaning?

Jack: Justin sent an invite for the guys to hang out to get new swimsuits.

Ashley gave Jack a wiry smile like she was amused by his response.

Ashley: Oh really now?

Jack: Yes really now.

Blossom: Should I leave you two alone?

Ashley: That won't be necessary. I was just surprised that my shy Jack is getting popular so quickly.

Jack: Haha Ash.

Ashley gave Jack a peck on the cheek as she hugged him. Then she whispered into his ear.

Ashley whispering: I am happy you are socializing with the guys, but no flirting with girls okay. You know I feel about that.

Ashley then pulled away as she smiled at Jack to make him uncomfortable.

Jack: Yeah sure.

Jack then went back to eating his ice cream as he watched Ashley and Blossom talk to some other girls.


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