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The most popular blog articles of last year

It’s always interesting to look back and see which of our blog posts attracted eager readers.. Here’s the most popular from the last year: Read More



Small Avatar 2Hey OW family, I’ve been away from my home for awhile [my home here at OW] and honestly, as a moderator and a member of the community, I feel I owe everybody and explanation and an apology. And that’s exactly what I’m here to do. Read More


Feature your games for only $5 for the next 3 weeks

Hey roleplayer dudes, for the next 3 weeks, it’s only going to cost $5 to feature a game. Send me a request if you’d like to (click here). There’s only space for 3, so make sure you get in first. If you do donate though, I’ll make sure you get shown next month. Read More


OngoingWorlds has won the 2014 Simming Prize!

simming prize certificate 2014

I received an email this morning from Chas Hammer with this message:

On behalf of the Simming Prize Trustees, it is with great pleasure that I award Ongoing Worlds the Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis aka the Simming Prize.  Obviously, last year we awarded you personally for your work at Ongoing Worlds, but this year we wanted to recognize Ongoing Worlds as a collective effort, and honor all the games and contributors who have helped build Ongoing Worlds into the amazing hub of online role-playing.

This was quite a surprise! Like Chas says above, last year the award was given to me personally – although I did say it was for everyone in this article, but this time it really IS for everyone in the OngoingWorlds community, so well done you!

And I certainly agree. This community is a great one, and the website has increased so much in popularity over the last few years. Many people put a lot of effort into their posts, and I’m talking about you. So give yourself a pat on the back 🙂 This certificate is for you!

In fact, print it out and frame it, so you can look at it all the time and remember how ace you are. Here it is:

simming prize certificate 2014

I want to make a special mention to all the SquidGuard, who help keep the trolls at bay, and maintain law and order on OngoingWorlds!

Also I want to thank those who have donated to our monthly server costs. We haven’t yet managed to raise enough for the year, so please donate if you’re enjoying OngoingWorlds! It definitely helps.

Oh yeah, the year in the title is intentionally last year, before you ask! As the award is given at the end of the year. Hilariously though it’s taken more than 6 months for this to be announced (nominations were asked for back in December), and if you look at the date on the certificate it’s also taken 2 months for someone to email it to me!


New “mature” category available

mature categoryThere’s been requests recently to be able to distinguish games with mature content from other games, to make it clear which games contain adult themes.

Today I’ve added a new “mature” category, which can be applied to a game if it’s going to contain descriptions of graphic violence, sex, or adult themes. This is a way you can be clear about the type of content your game will include.

If you think your game falls under this category, you can edit your game now and add it.


Help our community grow by doing this one simple thing

just one like can make a difference

The more members in our community, the more people there are to join your games, which is one of the most difficult things for new games, getting members.

Luckily it’s not that difficult to advertise your game, there’s plenty of places to get people to notice your game, one is Facebook. We just need a little help.

Our Facebook page has thousands of followers, and we post links to our blog articles fairly often. but our messages are only shown to a percentage of those followers. That’s because Facebook prioritises posts that are “popular,” which means getting a lot of likes and shares. So the more people that like and share the post, the more Facebook will show it to people.

Help us by sharing and liking our blog articles!

Yep it’s as simple as just clicking ‘like’ on new articles we post. Other things you can do is share articles, and comment on them. It helps Facebook know it’s more popular and will show it to more people it thinks will be interested.

These articles are written by individuals in our community, so it’ll also make them happier that people like it 🙂

Click here to go to our Facebook page, click like, and make sure you share as many as you can.

Also retweet!

We’re on Twitter, so click here and retweet as many of our articles as you can. Make sure to do this regularly, it’ll then help our articles be seen by more people.

Just doing these quick things will have a big impact on how many people know about OngoingWorlds, and therefore the amount of people who might join your game.


New price of OngoingWorlds mug – Donate to help fund the site

This time last year, we were more than half the way to being funded. But this year we’re lagging quite a lot behind, so I need your help to fund our monthly hosting costs.

I’ve reduced the price of getting an OngoingWorlds mug, so if you’d like to help, send a donation our way and I’ll send you a mug!

click to get a mug - download page

I love OngoingWorlds but it burns a hole in my pocket, and it’d be great if you could help me pay for it! Picking either of the options on the donation page would be great – Go to the donations page now.


Game Summaries from June 2015

Last months game summaries were collected for us by Embrystical, who volunteered. Thanks very much Embrystical!

nova lux1. Nova Lux: A Revolution

After the passing of NMC’s Longtime CEO, Michael Edwin takes control of the company with sights set out to quell the situation on Sagan. Feeling the security on the planet is lacking, Edwin hires the outside help of Epsilon Private Military to help enforce security and fight against the Nova Lux Insurgency. Meanwhile, the Nova Lux outpost in Lapis-2134 hires the help of a friend to help arm the outposts for the inevitable trouble yet to come. Read More


SquidGuard, continuing to be awesome!

a job well done

You might not know, but there’s an admin team behind OngoingWorlds keeping us safe from the evil tyrants of the universe! Well, what we actually do is close down inappropriate games and ban members who cause trouble.

This takes time, so I want to thank the admin team (also dubbed “SquidGuard”). You guys are awesome! Read More


Game Summaries from May 2015

Last months game summaries were collected for us by Embrystical, who volunteered. Thanks very much Embrystical!  Read More