Shopping trip Guys day 3 the restaurant

When all the guys were back to the shuttle. The guys loaded the shuttle and accounted for everyone. They left for the restaurant and it was only a 15 min drive. They arrived at the restaurant and piled out as they entered they were lead to the back party room where the girls were already sitting.

Conner saw Jocelyn as he walked into the room. He normally did not case girls. He did not have to. Most came to him at one point or another showing some interest. Jocelyn was different he thought. She was not going to give anything up easily. No past, meds and, something seemed off about her being so guarded about most things. He was not sure where she stood with him. He watches JD make a beeline for Rose witch did not surprise him at all.

JD saw Rose sitting and made his way there to her. The chair next to her was open. He could only hope it was for him. He placed his hand gently on her shoulder while sliding the chair out. "Hi, Hope the shopping was good for you?"

Conner thought for a moment what to do. He sat a few chairs down from JD. and watched for Jocelyn's reaction. this could tell him a lot about what Jocelyn thought.

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