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404 Page Winner!

404 page

It’s official! The winner has been announced! Read More


New Sheriffs In Town

downloadThat’s right partner. Ongoing Worlds has acquired three new mods for the site! [As we like to call ourselves, Squid Guard] If there is anything you need help with or you would like to report something or just make a general comment on the website or anything, you can let us know! Down below you can find the emails and information so you can reach the mods. Read More


404 Art Not Found [Maybe you can fix that!]

404 pageI bet that picture to the right looks very boring. Just… a white background. I bet you think you can make a good picture for it. You probably can. You know what, you should. Right now Ongoing Worlds is hosting a  two week contest stating tomorrow to see who can make the best picture for our 404 page! To see a set of guidlines and contest dates, just hit that really nicely formatted read more button! [It’s a really nice button too] Read More


Tib’s Corner – Roleplaying Tips: Creating Posts and Good Post Ideas

TIb's SniperHey guys! Tib here, thought I’d share a couple of tips and ideas that I use when I’m writing a post or trying to come up with a good Idea. So let’s begin! Shall we? Okay so one of the biggest things I think is a problem writing posts is getting bored and staying interested in the post. This is hard to beat sometimes, you just have that thought after awhile “UGH! THIS POST IS TAKING FOREVER! THANKS A LOT ALEX!” [No hard feelings buddy :)] and you just lose interest. I agree, it does get boring after a while. But there are ways to make it better! Read More


Simming Prize Nominations Now Open


The Simming Prize Image by Jack Carter

It’s that time of year again! Time for us simmers and roleplayers to put down our D-20 dice or autosave our posts on OW and nominate for the biggest award in simming, The 2014 Simming Prize! (The Simmy’s if you prefer)

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Does Everybody Need A Character?

Army peeps

It’s not about the diversity. It’s because JIM DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP CREATING CHARACTERS!

The title may seem misleading, like “does every member need a character?” Well… yes they do, if not what’s the point of being in the game? But this is about something I’ve actually done before and I’m still a culprit for sometimes in game development. What I’m talking about is creating a character for everyone [not members] that seems to get involved in the story. Like creating one for a guy that will only be used once in a while or once, period. Doing this can lead to a giant list of characters you created that end up either forgotten or just deleted. Read More


Thank You For The Year!


Here’s to another year!

Today, June 22nd, 2014. Marks one year for me as an Ongoing Worlds member. The reason I’m making this is to thank the members of Ongoing Worlds and the countless number of the other big faces in role playing. Read More


Improvisation Challenge



I just recently experienced something truly fun and thought provoking at the same time on Facebook. It started off with the phrase “He walked into the bar, he found a seat and ate from the bowl of stale pub pretzels as he waited for the bartender to come his way.” and ended up being a random story about a man named Major Major and a woman with blue hair and time traveling to rebuild something called the Consulate. It was truly comedic yet it also kind of opened my eyes to a true challenge for a writer. Improvisation.

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COMING SOON – Ongoing Worlds Image Contest

OW-IOMHey guys! Tib here. Right now I am announcing the first Ongoing Worlds Image Of The Month contest! The contest has not started yet so please don’t start to work on anything if you plan on competing. The contest will have a theme and those who wish to participate can create an image referring to the topic and an OW game of their choosing [One that they are a part of]. If you’re thinking about competing fill out the form below and let me know! Keep an eye on the blog for any updates relating to the contest and the contest start!  *Note that this contest is limited to OW members and OW games!*

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Labyrinthine and Immersion Storylines

I've had those nights of writer's block before

This is a screen shot from the game. I posted it because it’s like one of the many nights we’ve all had with the dreaded blank computer screen when trying to post with writer’s block

I have just recently played a demo for a very interesting game created last year by Galactic Cafe and released on the Source Engine. The game was called the Stanley Parable. The Stanley Parable is completely based off of choice and decision where you only have a few controls. WASD to move, mouse to look around, and the mouse 1 button to press buttons or open the occasional door. The game features three main factors. Stanley, the silent protagonist of the game. The Narrator, the faceless man with the British accent that narrates the story and Stanley’s actions. Read More