Switching Classes

OOC - (We can have sports classes last since it will continue after the bell for the athletes like cheerleading, football, gymnastics and so on, except for regular PE.)

After the bell rang language class was over and many of the students were relived to leave the boring class that hurt their fragile little minds. The halls were quickly filled with students who preferred to socialize rather than head to class. This of course annoyed the students who were forced to walk slowly behind them or forcibly squeezed by them. Jack was hoping to escape Ashley before she caught and ensnared his arms in her firm grip. Once again he was reminded of her determination to control him as a pet. Of course she smiled as he grumbled under his breath as she found it amusingly cute.

(Classes of Foreign Language, and Music/Art/Drama are next. Red you can find Roxy in music class.)

The next class was Spanish for them, while other students headed to their music/art/drama class. Since Jack already spoke Spanish he figured he could get an easy "A" and oddly enough Ashley already spoke Spanish and Japanese on top of English so it was a coast class for her as well. As they entered the class Ashley insisted they sit together again despite his scowling expression. Once again they saw Blossom in class as she sat next to Ashley who was all to happy to see her again. Jack sighed as he ignored the girl talk going on next to him. Then he had a sour expression as Olivia entered the room and looked at him before passing him by and finding a seat in the back. Then Justin came in and sat in front of Jack as they made small talk before class started. Jack wanted his day to be over already but it had just began and he was already worn out mentally.


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