Lunch Plans?

As he ate his tacos he he realized they were pretty good for school food. Granted his mom made them better, but since she was not here it was the next best thing for him. As he looked around he saw other students showing up and filling out the tables according to their cliques. The Jocks, Cool Kids, Cheer Squad, Rich Kids were on one side and on the other side was the Band Geeks, Nerds and Unpopular Kids were on the other side. In the middle were the tables Jack was sitting at where the groups were mixed up a bit. A few cheerleaders, jocks, delinquents, nerds and other miscellaneous student types sat in the tables around Jack, Ashley and Blossom. Ashley seemed to prefer this area so she could make friends with everyone and avoid having to bully anyone other than Jack. Jack wondered why she was trying to play nice when it went against her nature.

Occasionally a few of the Jocks, Cool Kids, and Rich Kids would hit on her and she would politely turn them down and say she was with Jack already. This annoyed Jack since it involved him having to deal with more jerks who were jealous and desired Ashley. When he was alone in the guys dorm, he was often offered money to break up with her or he was threatened if he didn't dump her. Knowing it was pointless to fight it he just beat them up or threatened them. He was gaining a reputation for being a bad boy of sorts already and he liked that since he was interested in making friends or dealing with others if he could.

Then his phone vibrated on his hip and he checked the message. He almost sighed as he saw it was from Olivia again and she was demanding more junk food this time as well as help with her Spanish homework. Apparently she ordered a box of junk food to be delivered to Jack and he was going to sneak it to her after he received it. Since some of the students were being paid by Olivia's mom to spy on her, he could not give it to her in the open. This was going to be a hassle since he was still figuring out a better way to sneak to the girls dorm room. he put up his phone and rubbed his aching temples as he now had a new headache.

Glancing at each other Rose asked. "Middle? 3rd table back?" There seemed to be a decent mix of the students that didn't fit on either extreme and a bunch of the more artsy students that weren't band nerds.

Sam nodded. "Sounds good."

They ended up sitting at the table behind where Jack was sitting. At this table there were a few girls who, like them, were part of the gymnastics team but not cheerleaders. There were a few students from music, art, theater, photography realms with maybe a few of the writing art forms thrown in. Though neither Rose nor Sam knew everyone at the table; they knew enough of them to know that they'd be welcomed sitting there.

Jack noticed several others joining him at the table. He put his phone away so Ashley could not read it and have another reason to make his life miserable. Then he went back to stuffing his face hoping to avoid talking as Ashely and Blossom were talking about gymnastics.

JD walked into the lunchroom looking at the tables to see where people were siting. He got into the line and got tacos and Spanish rice beans and corn. As he got to the end of the line, he saw most of the people he had met were at a table where was a few seats left. No one seem to even notice him. it seemed the clicks had started to from and he had to find one that he could work with. Seeing Jack, Ashely, Blossom, Rose, Sam, Kyle and Heath he had not met yet just seen him a round. At a table was his best chose he thought. JD walked up as they were laughing not sure what was so funny. He guessed he missed the joke when he saw the girl storm off.

He waited for just a sec for the laughing to settle down. “Hey guys can I sit with you guys?” he asked they all just looked at JD with the expression sit already. He heard one of them say “sit.” He felt a little awkward as he sat between Blossom and Sam. Trying not to bump into them as he sat. “How’s the food? I hope its better than normal school food” says JD. Trying to get some conversation going with them.

Ashely: Ironic.

Blossom: Huh?

Ashley: As in we were talking about tacos in Spanish class.

Blossom: Ohhhhhhh yeah. So were you really curious about where tacos came from?

Ashley gave a naughty

Ashley: Not really. Jack was just being a good boyfriend and covering for me talking in class.

Blossom looked at Jack who had a mouthful of tacos and looking annoyed.

Blossom: Ahhhh how sweet.

Ashley: I know right? Even though he acts like a grouch he is a sweetheart when it comes to me.

Ashley smiled and winked at Jack before she hugged his arm. Then she returned to Blossom.

Ashley: So are you ready for cheer practice after school?

Blossom: Yeeesm. I can't wait to fly like an eagle.

Ashley: I bet.

Ashley looked at Jack and grinned.

Ashley: So do yo want to watch us practice Jack are you going to get shy on me?

Jack swallowed his food and sipped his drink.

Jack: I got stuff to do.

Ashley: I bet you do. Be sure to play nice and not get into any trouble okay.

Jack: Yeah sure.

Ashley gave Jack a devilish grin as she was probing him for info hoping he would confess, but once again he played it cool and continued to eat. Eventually she gave up and began talking to the others at the table.


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