Justin on the other hand took a seat by Kyle.

Justin: I hope you don't mind?

"Not at all." Kyle smiled at Justin and once the other boy had sat down, Kyle spoke up again. "You seemed to the fashion savior of the day back at the surf shop." Well, it was the truth. None of the guys that had gone on the trip had been as knowledgeable about fashion as Justin even if Kyle did hold his own.

Justin: Well aren't you a smooth talker. I just gave a little advise where I thought it was needed. It didn't seem like that sales girl had her heart into it. Well in the end we got some swimsuits and a fancy dinner. What more could a guy ask for?

Justin smirked and winked at Kyle to see what conversation would pop up next.

Then the waitress took their orders and gave them chips and salsa along with their drinks. Jack was glad to see the chips so he could ignore Ashley. However Ashley had other plans as she got a chip with some salsa on it and held it in front of Jack's mouth. Jack looked at her crooked smile and saw that she was doing this on purpose and if he refused she was going to do something bad.

Ashley: Say Aww.

Jack looked at her with a scowl as usual hoping she would change her mind, but he then saw the chip getting closer to his mouth. If he didn't eat it there was a chance it would spill on his shirt. Hoping to avoid a mess he reluctantly opened his mouth and let her feed him. Ashley giggled as she put the salsa coated chip into Jack's mouth. Jack was embarrassed by her open flirting as he looked down and sipped his tea. Ashley then kissed his cheek and put her hand on his knee a a warning to behave. She then spoke to Blossom a bit before looking at Jack with a sly smile and spoke up.

Ashley: So did you see "Anything" you like at the store Jack?

It was obvious she was hinting at the pictures she sent him earlier. Jack tried to shrug it off but then felt her iron grip on his knee.

Jack: Actually I did, but I shouldn't talk about it at the table.

Ashley: Is it something private?

Jack: Yes.

Ashley: Were you happy to get my texts?

Jack: Ummm.....

Ashley: smiled as her grip began to tighten again on his knee.

Jack: Yes. it was a nice text.

Ashley: Did it move your heart?

Jack: Yeah.

Ashley: Is that all it moved?

Jack was about to reply when her hand slid up his thigh near his crotch. His heart began to race in both excitement and fear by her hand.

Jack: Yes.....I mean no. Not here please. (strained voice)

Ashley then kissed him on the cheek as she moved her hand back to his knee.

Ashley: Thank you for being honest.

After the food came Ashley thought it would be fun to share her food with Jack and coaxed him take turns feeding each other now and then..


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