More Small Talk

Kyle spent time teaching Justin, making sure his body was situated right on the board. He definitely wanted to let his hands linger a little on the other boy's body but not so long it would be obvious to anyone but Justin. Kyle though also didn't want to be rude to Blossom.

So, after a little while of working with Justin , Kyle asked Blossom. "Hey, would you like to start?"

Blossom nodded at Kyle with a nervous excitement. It was her first time surfing and doing something her parents would not approve of. Since Kyle was polite and a good teacher she felt comfortable with him teacher her the basics. She made sure to listen to him as Justin stayed close by to them. She felt safer having both guys nearby incase she fell off the board. Of course Kyle as was good instructor and Justin was very supportive so Blossom was oblivious that Justin and Kyle seemed to enjoy being near each other with subtle flirting.

Dawn had been laying out in the sun and while she saw the volleyball game start she had no interest in watching it. Still, it was getting hot outside. She thanked Kyle for the surf lessons and headed in to the girls' guest house.

Justin and Blossom waved off Dawn before continuing the lessons. Blossom got excited as she was able to ride a wave on her stomach the first time then later on she surfed on her hands and knees. After several tries she managed to stand up for a good ten seconds. It was nice to have the guys help her and be supportive.

(Volleyball game.)

Conner could see JD setting up for the serve. He felt so pressured at that moment. Kaylee was making a move something she had not done so far. He Just smiled "thanks Courtney you have a shirt." He hands his shirt to Kaylee she made the effort and did not want to have her look rejected. "And thank you Kaylee,d" he said with a smile flirting.

"Serving" yelled JD. Conner ran to his position at the net.
It was a jump serve but not too hard as JD laned in the box he had a smirk on his face. Lance got to the ball easily and returned it with a bump. JD watches Lance closely. He knew he was not bad. He squarely got behind the ball. but that but can be a weakness too. as the ball came back over the net it was in JD part of the court. "Mine!" yell JD letting the other knew he had it. Conner took a few quick steps back into the side Ready to pike the ball. "Heath set high!" said JD.

Jack and Ashely watched the game from the ocean as they kneeled on the sand and let the waves roll over their shoulders. Jack was hoping to get a break from Ashley's constant teasing and even watching guys play volleyball was a pleasant distraction.

Ashley: Are you really into this game?

Jack: Not really.

Ashley: I am sure they will let you play if you ask.

Jack: I'm just seeing if the snobs try anything stupid.

Ashley: Well they are suppose to play nice if they don't want to miss events like this.

Jack: True but people do dumb things all the time.

Ashley: Do you hate Lance?

Jack: I find him annoying like a blister on my foot.

Ashley: How oddly specific.

Jack: The only one I hate is you Ash.

Ashley: Ouch Jack. Are you trying to ruin the mood?

Jack: That's because you torment me non-stop.

Ashley looked at Jack with her jaw dropped before a wicked smile came over her face.

Ashley: I call bull-shiatsu on you.

Jack: How so?

Ashley: Because lately you have been excited to be with me.

Jack: What part of me is telling you that?

Ashley smiled and pointed at Jack's waist.

Ashley: Your little friend is more honest than your mouth is Jack.

Jack: That's because you don't play fair.

Ashley: Oh Jack all is fair in love and war. Besides as mush you complain you don't seem to be in a hurry to push me away.

Jack just moaned as he knew Ashley was going to twist his words around again.

It was a lot of back and forth, call-outs of "Got it", spiked balls, some missed shots on both sides. They got to halftime and time to switch sides. It also let the players have a few moments to drink some water and towel off a little as they were playing in the heat of the day. Matt grabbed his water bottle and took a sip, looking around, he noticed someone coming in from the parking lot and heading towards the beach house. He went over to Courtney and said something to her, she glanced in the direction Matt had been looking and noticed Melissa and Doug coming back from wherever they had gone. Mel went straight to the girl's guest house and Doug went to the boys guest house neither. Melissa seemed alright so Courtney turned her attention back to the game.

The guys had switched sides and serve was made; the game was back on.

Meanwhile Roxy and Alex were with a group of girls and boys as they approached the game. They seemed to be into watching it as they sat nearby and began cheering on the guys.


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