It wasn't long before Ashley saw Conner waving someone over. She looked at the others and suggested they join them. Seeing as they didn't seem to mind they headed over to where JD was.

Kyle spotted Justin come in and after he got his ice cream said a brief hi to him as he was walking by to get to the table where everyone else was. Heath had spotted him and waved him over.

Justin saw some movement from the corner of his eye as he was sucking the ice cream from his spoon. He nodded at Heath as he swallowed his ice cream. Then he nudged Jack and spoke up.

Justin: I'm gonna talk to a friend.

Jack mumbled as he was focused on his ice cream. He briefly looked up to acknowledge Justin.

Jack: Yeah sure.

Then he saw Ashley talking to Blossom and quietly ate his ice cream. Justin then headed to meet up with Heath.

Justin: What's up Heath?

(insert conversation here)


Courtney spoke up. "Oh, Sam. Ashley said she wanted to talk to you about some shopping trip."

"Thanks." Sam finished her ice cream. "I'll go find her."

Ashley was slowly eating her ice cream as she and Blossom were talking about cheer practice. Blossom was a bit nervous and had a lot of questions for Ashley.

With that Sam got up, threw away her cup and spoon and went to find Ashely. She found Ashely without much problem and said to her. "Hi. Courtney said you wanted to talk to me?" Of course, if Ashley was talking to someone else she waiting until she was done and didn't interrupt her.

Ashley then saw Sam approach them and she turned and smiled at her. It was then she notices that Rose was not with her as she gave a small look around.

Ashley: Hey Sam. Where is your partner in crime?

(Insert conversation here)

Sam who had found Ashley by this point; heard a commotion over where she had been sitting and looked over. Muttering under her breath "First day, it's already starting." For the most part, there was a gap the size of the Grand Canyon between the rich kids and the scholarship students. Some people, like Rose, Kyle, very possibly Dawn, choose to either bridge the gap or fall on the opposite side of where they had started out. Others choose one side or the other.

Just then Lance and JD had a small confrontation and it appeared that Lance had his pride on the line. Jack quietly ate his ice cream and calmly looked at the other football players behind Lance. They had already tried to act high and mighty with him yesterday and he dropped them like a sack of potatoes before they could lay a finger on him. So he found it ironic that they would go after JD who was also trained to fight. Jack thought to himself that it was sad to believe that having size or muscles or even being good at some sports made some guys think they were invincible. Hec as tough as Jack was, he was still a wimp compared to Ashley.

Ashley on the other hand had her conversation ruined by Lance acting all high and mighty. However she also knew that JD could hold his own in a fight against a dumb jock. It was a relief to see Lance back down with his hallow victory and heavy pride.


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