Day 3 breakfast the force VS Dark side.

After the early morning workout Lance, the other rich kids went back to the dorms and got ready for the day. He had planned to give JD a hard time at the workout but the coaches had everyone on a tight leash. It felt more like the military than high school football. The coach was especially hard this morning on them. It was almost as intense as the pros. they all met up in the hall and walked to the cafeteria. Elena walked up beside Lance glancing at the other cheer girl giving them a face. and put her arm around his. "hay baby coach seem mad this morning what di you guys do?" she asked. Lance smiled "Baby? ok, don't know." replied Lance. that talk on the subject as they walked into the Cafeteria.

walking in they See JD sitting his uniform seems to be better than normal. even his shoes were highly shined. Lance knew he had to say somthing "look guys, it's feeding time at the Zoo. and the monkeys are out." he said laughing walking to the line to pick up a tray.

JD heard the comment from Lance. "That's the best you can come up with lance? You're such a comedian. I am sure you stayed up all night thinking up that one." said JD not even turning around or looking up from his phone.

Lance laughed "look they taught the monkey to talk. listen to its chatter." said Lance. Going through the line they walked over to where they sit or their table that they claim. some new students were already sitting there when they got to the table the football players just stood over them. The students realized they had to move the grabbed their trays and got up to leave a football player tripped one of the guys leaving. His try hit the ground and spiled everything across the floor. The freshmen landed in it smearing food and orange juice all over the front of his uniform. The guy did not even look back he just picked up what he could and walked to the trash dumping everything off the tray and left. the whole time the football players were laughing at him.

JD wanted to go over there and make him look bad in front of everyone using him to mop the floor and rub his face in it. as angry, as he was he had bigger things to deal with he felt kind of stupid being so early. But he wanted to see Rose and work on his uniform to look extra nice for her. he got up from the table and walked towards the hall when Conner walked in. The staff had already started to clean up the mess.

"Conner, what's up?" asked JD. Conner smirked "Not me," he said laughing. Conner looked at JD with a second look. "OK JD you overdoing it guy." said conner looking at JD. JD looked down at himself "what? why" he asked. Conner laughed some "you look like you are in the military you need to stop that man. Even the rich kids don't do all that to their uniforms. you need to relax. Rose will not like you because of your uniform everyone got one here." said Conner.

The Ritch kid's table laughs at JD. Lance took a dring of his orange juice. " Look now we have two monkeys chattering. and they made one look good for the display. Conner turned and looked at them and Smiled "as a grease monkey. At least I have some skills and not shit stinking up the place" replied Conner to lance.

One of the breakfast staff yelled "Langue! gentlemen." one of the football players stood to his feet like he was going to do somthing JD put his hand on Conner's chest stopping him. JD smiled "they are low on the genetics side let it go," said JD. "Look there are some of the others. let's get some food." suggested JD. they got in line with the others then went to go and sit.

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