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The Anachronisms

First, a bright flash. Then the feeling of falling from the sky. Then darkness. From the from the distant past, or from the distant future, a group of seemingly random individuals from all expanses of time find themselves in a strange new world. It is nothing they ... More...

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Created : Mar 17, 2017

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Vale of Shadows

3.5 Forgotten Realms Campaign set in Sunset Vale, north of Berdusk. 32 point characters, standard builds, starting at first level. ... More...

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Created : Feb 10, 2017

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Dark Tidings

Strange reports have been coming from the village of Valstaad: reports of the dead rising and of monsters that have not been seen in centuries. Emperor Albert III has dispatched a veteran Witch Hunter, Lieutenant Isaac Sewell, to investigate these rumors. Valstaad, a large village of around 400 ... More...

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Swords of Italy

Venice Circa 1459. In the great city next to the sea there are three major Noble Families. The Rosso Family who owns the larges diamond and gemstone mines in all of Italy; the Blue Family who commandeers as major Ship Trading Company and have their own private naval armada as armed escorts; then ... More...

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Created : Jun 28, 2016

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Futurama: Other Adventures of Planet Express

Hey everyone- I'm making this as a shell of a game to see if there is an interest in a story centered in the Futurama universe. No real idea of plot, requirements, and so on, but wanted to see if there was any interest. Join up if you are and just give yourself some generic name and we'll build ... More...

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The Dead Bloods

All life on Earth nearly died in the year 2057 when nuclear missiles were launched around the world. Luckily for the humans, life found a way to prosper, and after thirty years, cities began to pop up again, and the race was on between factions to claim whatever land they could before the others too ... More...

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Academy for Super Humans

With the rise of super humans appearing around the world, many of them going down the path and destroying with their powers. Many do this because they haven't been shown the right path to good and how to properly control their powers. So, one man decided to bring together a staff and recruit young o ... More...

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The Power of Steam

(Steampunk, Mafia, and magic. What's not to love?) Germill is the name of a city suspended in mid air, a city powered by steam, a city filled with crime and chaos, but like crime even chaos has to have rules. That is the reason why organised crime is flourishing in this city. The police are constan ... More...

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Heroes Association

Join the Heroes Association in the Alternate Reality of One-Punch Man. Become a Rank D, C, B, A, Or S-Class Hero and save the City from Monsters and Villains - or become those Town Wrecking Monsters and Interesting Super Villains yourself! Pick up a Hero-like name and let's start fighting! ... More...

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Torrencia Towards Victory

Taking place in the Dark Ages, Kings rule the land. There are two neighboring kingdoms, one called Torrencia, the other Grendig. The kingdoms have been tense with each other for years, and after one foot of a Torrencian soldier was placed into Grendig, the fighting started. The kings, King Lawrence ... More...

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Humanity Rising! The Wastelands

A continuation of the game Humanity Rising! created by Worldling Original Premise, slightly modified: When humanity was attacked by an alien race known only as the Klarg we resisted with the full might of the combined human forces. The result was thus, our armies were completely overwhelmed and ... More...

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Created : Mar 4, 2017

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Pandora High

Pandora High is no ordinary high school. Though it seems like a normal high school for humans who go about their daily lives, there are many living others a secret life. For various reasons there are supernatural creatures and aliens disguised as humans and trying to blend in without notice. Howe ... More...

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Created : Mar 16, 2017

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Zenthium and Aloris

Mythical lands filled with war. ... More...

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Created : Mar 4, 2017

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Watchmen: 2020

When the peacekeeping forces of the world were snuffed out by an elderly Ozymandias, a crime wave engulfed the planet. Now, a new breed of crime-fighting vigilantes have surfaced to revive the Watchmen legacy and turn the tide against chaos. Set in a rebuilt New York City, Watchmen: 2020 will ... More...

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Magic Agents

(Harry Potter Meets James Bond) In the world of Science and Technology, Magic and Magicians exist under the shadows of modern society. You are a Magic Agent and your primary objective is to keep the peace in the world, to protect your nation from being attacked by foreign magicians with ill in ... More...

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Infinity Field logo

Mobile Suit Gundam: Infinity Field

What Is a Mobile Suit? It is a walking bi-pedal mech weapon that was originally meant for surviving the hostilities of space, but militaries across the world found a better use for them on the front lines of battlefields as one Mobile suit had the power of an entire company of soldiers and armor ... More...

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Blue Dwarf logo

Blue Dwarf

Alone in a Godless universe and almost out of shake-and-vac. At least, that's what the Blue Dwarf crew think. They are remnants of the survivors of the human race following the destruction of earth are living in the giant floating cerulean city. What dangers await in the deep void of space? What ha ... More...

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Pontiff's Dungeon.

Forgotten ... Hidden in the bowels of the earth, lie the remains of the greatest cathedral in the history of man, and lost in it, the secrets of the most illustrious and powerful beings ... Ambition drives the madmen to go into it in search of treasure and glory, but it is well known that the hun ... More...

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Demonblight Crusade

For hundreds of years, and over Four Great Crusades, the demons of the Worldwound have been held back by the bravery of the common folk. Crucial to the war effort is Kenabres, the site of an old mystical crystal known as a wardstone. But over many years, the wardstone has begun to crumble, and a fin ... More...

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Created : Mar 20, 2017

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Innocent Stars

Year 2099 Years of technological innovation has given rise to a new form of entertainment; bits of code, called 'Proxies', A.I. integrated into a persons device, used either as companions, helpers, or 'battlers' in a new eSport called 'iWarrior'. As the new year and new century pass, the Prox ... More...

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