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Browncoats Unite: Back to the Black (A Firefly Tale)

"Crew Needed. Passengers Wanted. Few Questions." Captain Colton Keller didn't have much left after the Unification War and ever since the broadcast Independents who'd previously submitted to the Alliance were rising up. Once a Browncoat, always a Browncoat. A second war was brewing, but wars cost ... More...

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Created : Nov 6, 2018

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Beyond the Ragnarok

New Players Welcome : Please read the game information page before creating a character. The gods are dead. Yggdrasil is sundered and the nine worlds drift within the endless void. On Midgard the winds of magic stir once more as the bastard son of Loki seeks fresh pawns to set upon a board of his ... More...

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DC: War for Tomorrow

10 years ago, the world went to shit. The Justice League lost, and Lex Luthor became the leader of the free world. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Shazam, etc. All dead. Gone, taken out by Luthor's pet, Doomsday. A Doomsday infused with Fear Toxin and Bane's Venom. Now ... More...

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Sith Awakening logo

Sith Awakening

You are called to the darkness. The force reaches out and tugs at your soul. Through a twist of fate or the pull of desire, no matter, you are drawn to the last temple of the Sith. The lost remnant of a forgotten age. Here you will find your calling, your true purpose. Here you will start your journ ... More...

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Lost in Pegasus Galaxy logo

Lost in Pegasus Galaxy

The Crew of the USS Tempest have become lost in the Pegasus galaxy, 3 million light years from home. These are their adventures, as they struggle to survive & battle with unknown new foes! ... More...

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Created : Jan 7, 2020

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Dungeons Deep & Dark logo

Dungeons Deep & Dark

Welcome player to Dungeons Deep & Dark. Originally just a popular online fantasy game little different than the likes of 'Scrolls of the Elder' or 'Age of WarCraft' With the coming of the new year the game was set to make the leap from PC to Virtual and than something happened... At midnight ... More...

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Heroes of the OASIS logo

Heroes of the OASIS

The year is 2044, and the state of human civilization is rapidly deteriorating. The world is gripped in an almost three decade long recession, with traditional fuel resources have all but evaporated into nothing. Wars rage as nations fight for what remains, sea levels rise and the atmosphere degrade ... More...

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The Legend of Zelda: Heroes of Hyrule logo

The Legend of Zelda: Heroes of Hyrule

The land of Hyrule has been a quiet kingdom, filled with prosperity, hope, and everlasting peace; That is, of course, until Ganon's latest reincarnation wrecked havoc to the central castle, and captured the beloved Hylian princess as his prisoner, for all of eternity in the darkness. The king ha ... More...

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Mission implausible logo

Mission implausible

Classic Tolkienesque fantasy. Players have a hugely hard task to fulfil, with no hurry. They have to be creative and solve the big problem bit by bit. As game is intended to be long (in story world years, not necessarily in rl), they will start small and hopefully advance in levels. A simple, cust ... More...

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Voyage of Salamanca logo

Voyage of Salamanca

Salamanca is a sail-powered galleon Captained by the mysterious Admiral J Jakerson. Her crew have set sail to explore the Galmian Archipelago in the South Carribean sea (this is a fictional area). Her crew don't yet know the weird & wonderful adventures they're about to experience exploring these is ... More...

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Star Wars: Balance of the Force logo

Star Wars: Balance of the Force

Set in between Episode VI (Return of the Jedi) and Episode VII (The Force Awakens), "Star Wars: Balance of the Force" tells the story of what happened in those 30 years, big and small. In this epic tale, you can choose to be a citizen, Jedi, Padawan, Sith, Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, Rebel, Pilot, Ma ... More...

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The Raven logo

The Raven

A Role Playing Game based on the TV series Forever Knight. The game is based in the current year. Create your own character or pick one from the show. All games are archived. If you like Forever Knight why not come in and join us. ... More...

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The Forgotten MC logo

The Forgotten MC

In The Forgotten MC a Motorcycle Club is looking to take back their city from The Fallen Brothers a rival MC who have taken over and are gun running, dealing drugs, and terrorizing their beloved city Available to player Ranks- Prospect Member Lieutenant Ranks I choose- Vice President ... More...

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When dusk falls logo

When dusk falls

2019, November 27 the world was normal, that was until midnight hit. That was when the ground itself cracked opened, demons rose from the ground and began to attack people in the south, the east was when creatures of the appeared and began to take over the government, the south was over run by zombi ... More...

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The Stars Are Numbered logo

The Stars Are Numbered

It is the year 2665 A.D. Mankind has stretched into the galaxy, first with the advent of the spike drive developed by Tiberius Crohn, then again with the Jump Gates. The Terran Mandate has reached the pinnacle of development, with psionics now well understood and controlled by the enigmatic Psion ... More...

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Among Us logo

Among Us

In the year 2033, the First One was born. Since then, many children around the world have been born with extraordinary abilities. The only problem is, with some power comes instability. Some users have the unfortunate curse of being corrupted by the use of their powers. The police have bee ... More...

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OW Community Platform logo

OW Community Platform

The OW Community Platform is not a game like the others. Instead, this "game" is a place where the people that make up the Ongoing Worlds Community can design games together and learn more about each other. This particular platform has the advantage of not requiring anyone to make an additional ac ... More...

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Pantheon logo


Become a deity of your own creation and shape the world as you please. Oppose the other gods or work alongside them. ... More...

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USS Pathfinder - Star Trek sim logo

USS Pathfinder - Star Trek sim

These are the voyages of the USS Pathfinder. A refitted Federation starship ready to embark on a new mission of exploration to the uncharted "Nether Vanir" sector of the galaxy. The Pathfinder is taking on new crew after a mysterious event left its previous crew all dead. ... More...

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Dark Generation logo

Dark Generation

Carpathians, are a powerful and ancient race. They have many gifts, including the ability to shape-shift, and extended life spans, living for thousands of years. Though they feed on human blood, they don't kill their human prey, and for the most part live among humans without detection. Despite thei ... More...

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