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The Lonely Coast

A fantasy adventure game in the campaign setting created by Creighton Broadhurst, published by Raging Swan Press. ... More...

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Created : Aug 22, 2021

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Dark Age of Aeran

It has been 112 years since the raid that changed the lands of Aeran. Two Kingdoms had warred and found ruin against Timber Crag. Dalen is no more, now a wasteland of monsters and warring city-states. Verden rises as the last of the Two Kingdoms of yore; the Eastern lands are a mass of prejudice and ... More...

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Created : Sep 29, 2020

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Tribal Survival

(Check game info for rulew - If you are new, create an OOC post stating you would like to be caught up to current day events in game and I, or other players, will help bring you into the story) Everything was normal... bright skies, children playing, adults working... normal; then, the first wave hi ... More...

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Created : Aug 17, 2021

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Point Break High

This is a Slice of Life Game that takes place in Point Break, California. The students will attend Point Break High School which is near the coast line and is a common spot for beach parties. It is told from the perspective of some of the students from Point Break High as they face issues that affe ... More...

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Created : Mar 21, 2021

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My So Called Life

"My So Called Life" is a Slice of Life game that takes place in Prep school called Sakura High School (home of the Blue Falcons), in the city of Katz, California. The city of Katz is not to far from the coast and is a common spot for beach parties. It is told from the perspective of some of the st ... More...

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Created : Jul 15, 2020

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Star Wars: Alliance logo

Star Wars: Alliance

Set during the early years of the Imperial age, the Republic has fallen and a select few fight to form an alliance to restore the Republic. This game takes place from 3BBY, create either a Rebel or Imperial or something else entirely as you venture through a galaxy far far away. This game uses Canon ... More...

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Created : Oct 29, 2020

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Warhammer 40k: Renaissance logo

Warhammer 40k: Renaissance

It is the 42nd Millennium, the Plague Wars have ended. The Forces of Choas fester in the Immaterium, waiting for their next Black Crusade, the Eldar and the Dark Eldar continue their heretical existence and beliefs. The Tau continue to grow and spread their lies while the Orks wage wars like the pl ... More...

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Created : Apr 21, 2021

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Vampire the Masquerade in New Orleans logo

Vampire the Masquerade in New Orleans

This game takes place in New Orleans in present time. Create a vampire and choose whether they support the Camarilla (prefer to hide from humanity and blend in), Sabbat (want to conquer the world) or Independent Clans (do what they want either way). Each side comes with a price and all the charact ... More...

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Created : May 23, 2021

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Children of the Atlas

Following the fall of the UBC (Universal Banking Corporation) and the complete collapse of the cryptocurrency systems in the Galaxy, the nomadic pirate faction known as The Armada moved from their hunting grounds in the outer rims of the galaxy. Leaving a path of destruction in their wake, bringing ... More...

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Created : Aug 11, 2020

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The Elder Scrolls: Prelude to Oblivion logo

The Elder Scrolls: Prelude to Oblivion

This game is meant to be a coop version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion starting off 3 months before and leading up to the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim VII. There will be a main quest with the Heroes of Cyrodiil. Adventurers and Heroes of Cyrodiil These characters will be playing thro ... More...

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Created : Mar 2, 2021

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Deep Salvage logo

Deep Salvage

The year is 2349. Mankind, in a desperate bid to fuel its ever-expanding civilization, has spread across the stars. Strip mining entire planets for their resources to keep the fires of civilization burning just a bit longer. No one wants to admit that it is an unsustainable method to carry on. Yet ... More...

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Created : Jul 19, 2021

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hero Academy

You have been 'recruited' to join a secret program at the boarding school, Madison Academy. What will your classmates/teammates be like? What does it mean that so many with powers are in one location? ... More...

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Created : Aug 30, 2021

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Quest takers

DnD type setting - medieval times *I AM NOT ACCEPTING NEW PLAYERS AT THIS TIME* ... More...

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Created : Aug 29, 2021

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Lunar Veil: A Firefly Tale (Formerly known as Browncoats Unite: Back to the Black) logo

Lunar Veil: A Firefly Tale (Formerly known as Browncoats Unite: Back to the Black)

"Crew Needed. Passenger Wanted. Few Questions." Merc work is a young man's game and Jago ain't a young man no more. Now looking at retirement Jago couldn't imagine himself settling down on some planet with a house and a picket fence. So he did what any self-respecting man who could shoot and talk ... More...

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Created : Nov 6, 2018

Two kingdoms logo

Two kingdoms

In this game there are two kingdoms called Verden and Dalen. Verden is ruled by the king, Asgurt, who is very just, but all kinds of magic are seen as a threat towards the kingdom and its people. Anyone who is found guilty of practicing magic, helping mages or hiding magical beasts will be execut ... More...

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Created : Sep 29, 2017

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The Old World (version 3.0) logo

The Old World (version 3.0)

All myths are true and an international organization known as the Hunters kill monsters. ... More...

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Created : Feb 10, 2021

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Animal logo


The game takes place in a laboratory. Players can play as scientist, guards or experiments. Experiments are genetically modifyed humans containing the DNA of an animal, giving them animal like features and abilitys. Scientist can range in any field and control the facility. Guards are resposible fo ... More...

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Created : Jul 7, 2021

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SeeD - Final Fantasy VIII logo

SeeD - Final Fantasy VIII

Many years have passed since the defeat of the ruthless Sorceress Ultimecia. The world has quieted with a tentative peace. Even the country of Galbadia has been allowed to reopen their Garden, ushering in a new generation of SeeD special forces. This new generation faces new dangers as an uncertain ... More...

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Created : Mar 8, 2021

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Crystal Waters logo

Crystal Waters

Welcome to the town of Crystal Waters, a small town in the Midwest. You're welcome to stay here, travel the world, whatever you wish. (This is a private game. All attempting to join will be denied.) ... More...

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Created : Jan 13, 2021

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Chariot of the Gods logo

Chariot of the Gods

You are space truckers manning the starfreighter USCSS Montero, commissioned by the Weyland-Yutani corporation, running the Gauntlet, trade route between Anchorpoint Station and the Frontier. Your ships cargo hold is packed with dozens of tanks of dangerous Tritium gas that is in the process of d ... More...

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